Kelompok Peneliti di Pusat Penelitian Metalurgi dan Material – LIPI

Research groups in Reseach center for material and metallurgy -Indonesian Institutes of Sciences

Director of Reseach center material and metallurgy : Dr.Ing.Andika Widya Pramono , M.Sc

  1. Exctrative Metalurgy group

    Dr.Florentinus Firdiyono
    Head of The Research Group
    Mining,Extractive metallurgy
    email:florentinus.firdiyono [AT]

    Dr.Djusman Sajuti
    Mining,Extractive metallurgy
    email:djusman.sajuti [AT]

    Dr.Rudi Subagja
    Chemical Engineering,Extractive metallurgy
    email:rudi.subagja [AT]

    Dr.Latifa Hanum Lalasari
    Chemical Engineering,Extractive metallurgy
    email:latifa.hanum.lalasari [AT]

    Murni Handayani.M.Eng (PhD Student at Osaka University)
    Chemistry,Extractive metallurgy
    email:murni.handayani [AT]

    Agus Budi Prasetyo M.T
    Mining,Extractive metallurgy
    email:agus.budi.prasetyo [AT]

    Eko Sulistiyono M.Si
    Chemistry,Extractive metallurgy
    email:eko.sulistiyono [AT]

    Iwan Setiawan M.Si
    Chemistry,Extractive metallurgy
    email:iwan.setiawan [AT]

    Ahmad Royani S.T
    email:ahmad.royani [AT]

    Ir.Arifin Arif
    Mining,Extractive metallurgy

    Ariyo Suharyanto S.T
    email: ariyo.suharyanto [AT]

    Ir.Dedy Sufiandi
    Physical metallurgy, Iron and Steel
    email: dedy.sufiandi [AT]

    Ir.Immanuel Ginting
    Extractive metallurgy
    email: immanuel.ginting [AT]

    Lia Andriyah S.T
    email:lia.andriyah [AT]

    Ir.Stevanus Puguh Prasetyo
    Extractive metallurgy, Nickel
    email: stevanus.puguh.prasetyo [AT]

    Arini Nikitasari S.T
    chemical engineering
    email:arini.nikitasari [AT]

    Nadia Chrisayu Natasha. S.T
    chemical engineering
    email: nadia.chrisayu.natasha [AT]

    Lutviasari Nuraini S.Si
    email:lutviasari.nuraini [AT]

    Physical Metallurgy for Biomedical implant and advanced structure groups

    Dr.Ing.Andika Widya Pramono
    Superconductor, Biomedical implant and Phsical metallurgy
    email: andika.widya.pramono [AT]

    Dr.ika Kartika
    Co and Ni Superalloy, Titanium, Metal foam, Biomedical implant, Failure analysis and Physcial metallurgy
    email: ika.kartika [AT]

    Dr.Nono Darsono
    Carbon material, ceramic,  thin film and electrochemistry
    email: nono.darsono [AT]

    Muhamad Ikhlasul Amal P.hD
    Thin film, Material electronic, polymer nano composite and Nano material
    email: muha137 [AT]

    Fatayalkadri Citrawati ,M.Sc  (PhD Student at University of Queensland, Australia)
    Iron and Steel, Failure analysis and Physical metallurgy
    email: fatayalkadri.citrawati [AT]

    Yudi Nugraha Thaha. M.T       (PhD Student at Technische Universität Ilmenau)
    Carbon material, ceramic, foam structure, electro-metalurgy and electro-chemistry
    email: yudi.nugraha.thaha [AT]

    Sri Mulyaningsih M.Si             (PhD Student at Technische Universität Ilmenau)
    Electroplating, Magnetic material
    email: sri.mulyaningsih [AT]

    Ir.Bambang Sriyono Dipl.Ing
    Iron and steel, Tin pewter, Failure analysis and  Physical Metallurgy
    email: bambang.sriyono [AT]

    Dhyah Annur. M.Sc
    Biomaterial, Physical Metallurgy
    email: dhya001 [AT]

    Cahya Sutowo.M.T
    Iron and steel, Failure analysis and Phyical metallurgy
    email: cahya.sutowo [AT]

    I Nyoman Gede Putrayasa Astawa M.Si
    Alumium, Metal forming and Phyical metallurgy
    email:i.nyoman.gede.putrayasa.astawa [AT]

    Phyical metallurgy
    email:yuswono [AT]

    Edy Priyanto Utomo S.T
    Casting and metal forming
    email:edy.priyanto.utomo [AT]

    Franciska Pramuji Lestari.S.T
    Metal forming, Metal Foam  and Physical metallurgy
    email: franciska.pramuji.lestari [AT]



    Material for energy group

    Harsisto M.Eng
    Head of reseach group Material development for energy industry
    email:harsisto [AT]

    Dr.Gadang Priyotomo
    corrosion and electrochemistry
    email: gadang.priyotomo [AT]

    Nickel and Cobalt super alloy, shape memory alloy, phsical metallurgy
    email: effendi.3 [AT]

    Dr.Agung Imaduddin
    Superconductor, Ceramic, single crystal
    email: agung.imaduddin [AT]

    Harsisto M.Eng
    corrosion and electrochemistry
    email: harsisto [AT]

    Hartati Soeroso M.T
    corrosion and concrete
    email: hartati.soeroso [AT]

    Lusiana M.T.
    corrosion and electrochemistry
    email:lusiana [AT]

    Moch. Syaiful Anwar M.Si
    corrosion and concrete
    email: moch.syaiful.anwar [AT]

    Nurhayati Indah Ciptasari M.Si
    corrosion and electrochemistry
    email: nurhayati.indah.ciptasari [AT]

    Ronald Nasution M.T
    corrosion and electrochemistry
    email:ronald.nasution [AT]

    Bintoro Siswayanti M.Si
    chemical engineering, corrosion and electrochemistry
    email:bintoro.siswayanti [AT]

    corrosion and electrochemistry
    email:sundjono [AT]

    Yulinda Lestari S.T
    corrosion and electrochemistry
    email:yulinda.lestari [AT]

    Ari Yustisia Akbar S.Si
    carbon material, corrosion and electrochemistry
    email:ari.yustisia.akbar [AT]

    Gilang ramadhan, S.Si
    Fuel cell membrane, corrosion and electrochemistry
    email: gilang.ramadhan [AT]

    Pius Sebleku S.T
    email: pius.sebleku [AT]


    Pyrometallurgy of lateritic ore group.

    Raden Mas Bintang Adjiantoro M.T
    Head of The Research Group
    Physical Metallurgy
    email: raden.mas.bintang.adjiantoro [AT]

    Adil Jamali M.Sc
    Mineral Processing and extractive Metalurgy
    email: adil.jamali [AT]

    Daniel Panghihutan Malau M.Si
    Mechanical engineering (Metallurgy)
    email: daniel.panghihutan.malau [AT]

    Edi Herianto. M.M
    extractive Metalurgy
    email: edi.herianto [AT]

    Iwan Dwi Antoro .M.Si
    Mechanical engineering (Metallurgy)
    email: iwan.dwi.antoro [AT]

    Raharjo Binudi M.T
    Chemical Engineering/Pyrometallurgy
    email: rahardjo.binudi [AT]

    Sigit Dwi Yudanto M.Si
    Mechanical engineering (Metallurgy)
    email: sigit.dwi.yudanto [AT]

    Toni Bambang Romijarso M.T
    Physical Metallurgy
    email: toni.bambang.romijarso [AT]

    Saefudin S.T
    Physical Metallurgy
    email: saefudin.3 [AT]

    Ir.Budi Priyono
    Physical Metallurgy
    email: budi.priyono [AT]

    Dedi Irawan. S.T
    email: dedi.irawan [AT]

    Muhammad Yunan Hasbi S.T
    email: muhammad.yunan.hasbi [AT]

    Galih Senopati S.T
    email: gali002 [AT]




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