Pengujian korosi dan coating performance

Pengujian korosi dan coating
Bidang konservasi bahan pusat penelitian metalurgi dan material memiliki keahlian dan kemampuan pengujian pada bidang proteksi korosi, modeling proses korosi. Pelayanan kami meliputi pengujian korosi, identifikasi, observasi dan memberikan rekomendasi. Pelayanan kami mengikuti standard ASTM, JIS, NACE dan ISO

Material testing Deskripsi
Korosi atmosferik Test kabut garam, Test kelembaban, Kondensasi ultraviolet
Korosi aquatik laju korosi, ion selective analyzer, pH meter, konduktansi TDS , water bath, Mikro biotest, potentiostat
Korosi tempratur tinggi stress corrosion cracking test, korosi erosi
Evaluasi coating/cat Test gores , test abrasi , test ipak , glossy meter , viscosimeter, elcometer, test adhesi, elcometer ketebalan


Coating and corossion testing

The laboratory of corrosion and metal are divided by four such as material corrosion protection, characterization on environment, technology of corrosion protection, and advanced material. Our general services are to conduct corrosion test, identification, observation, evaluation and recommendation. Our services always refer to international standard of corrosion test such as ASTM, JIS, BS, NACE, ISO, etc

Material testing Description
Atmospheric corrosion Salt Test, Humidity test, Ultraviolet condensation
Aquatic corrosion  Corrosion rate measurement (CMS100), ion selective analyzer, pH meter, TDS conductance, water bath, microbiotest, potentiostat
High temprature corrosiom stress corrosion cracking test, erosion corrosion
Paint and coating evaluation automatic stretch test , abrasion test , impact test , glossy meter , viscosimeter, elcometer adhesion test, elcometer thickness


The other our services
1. Cathodic protection and soil corrosion

We have all of apparatus are related to this field of service such as pipe & cable locater, holiday detector, soil resistance meter, redoks meter, ORP meter, pH & humidity soil tester, sincorder data logger, soil box tester, etc.

2. Infrared Thermography

This apparatus is useful for the monitoring system that related to heat from object without contacting directly to object..The main output of this apparatus is thermal gradient that can give the information of failures or defects on objects

Failure Analysis
Our lab also concerns about failure analysis field especially failures that caused corrosion process. Our lab always collaborate with the other lab to access advanced apparatus such as SEM-EDS Metallography, etc.

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